Innovating User Interactions Introducing Real-time ChatGPT Integration

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Revolutionary User Engagement gives a dynamic feature within, completely transforming user interactions through a custom-built ChatGPT communication button. example image
In Detail


Imagine you're working on a digital whiteboard, organizing your ideas or planning a project, and you have a question or need advice. Typically, you might have to leave your work, search for answers on the internet, and then try to apply what you've found back to your board. This could be time-consuming and disruptive.


Our Solution

To elevate user engagement within the platform, YourITsoft introduced an innovative feature – a button that radically changes how users interact with ChatGPT. It extracts information from the dashboard and initiates a real-time dialogue with ChatGPT, utilizing custom prompts to dynamically retrieve and display information.
Users see the conversation in a popup, where the response from ChatGPT is elegantly formatted, complete with bolded text and tables to captivate and retain functionality between sessions through the clever use of local storage.
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    Key Highlights:
  • Real-time data parsing without external libraries.
  • Cached responses to minimize repeat queries.
  • Upgraded to ChatGPT-4 for enhanced features.
  • Custom prompt integration for personalized queries.
How we did it?

Technological Stack

YourITsoft leveraged Electron.js and JavaScript for a strong and flexible platform that supports seamless feature integration.

Core Functionalities

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Interactive Query Button

Initiates dialogue with ChatGPT

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Dynamic Answer Popup

Displays formatted ChatGPT responses

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Intelligent Caching System

Recalls data for efficiency

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Security Check Shortcut

Verifies diagram integrity effortlessly

Prospective customers

Target Audience

Designed for professionals who demand secure and efficient flowcharting tools.

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Working progress

Project Team

A full-stack developer and team lead brought the feature to life in 44 hours, showcasing commitment and expertise.

A full-stack developer and team lead brought the feature to life in 44 hours, showcasing commitment and expertise.