Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Scheduling System

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Efficient, User-Friendly Academic Scheduling

At Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, a premier educational institution in Ukraine, we developed a comprehensive scheduling system for teachers and students. This project was centered on streamlining academic management and activity tracking within the university's vast network.

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In Detail


The university required a rapid development of a CRM-like system within a tight timeframe of just 3 days. The primary objective was to manage a wide range of university activities, including course registrations, schedules, and varied user roles, encompassing students, teachers, and administrative staff.

What we did


In response, YourITsoft delivered a dynamic and efficient web app, enhancing both functionality and database performance.

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How we did it

Our Solution

We crafted a website that not only showcases Soda Water EU's products but also echoes their commitment to environmental sustainability.

App Functionality: Optimized App Functionality

Optimized App Functionality:

Optimized App Functionality: Redesigned app features and improved UX efficiency.

Database: MongoDB to PostgreSQL Transition

Database Improvement:

Transitioned from MongoDB to PostgreSQL for enhanced data management and reliability.

How we did it

Technological Approach

Leveraging a blend of robust technologies like HTML, CSS, React, Node, NestJS, and TypeScript, our team crafted a versatile platform. Utilizing Docker, TypeORM, Material UI, Styled components, and NotiStack, we ensured the system was scalable, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

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Key Functionalities

Admin Panel

Comprehensive Admin Panel -

User management, schedule creation, discipline organization, and special course administration

User Interface

User-Friendly Interface -

Intuitive design for easy navigation and task execution

Schedule Creation

Flexible Scheduling -

Customizable schedules for students and teachers with easy search options

Registration System

Course Registration System -

Simple and efficient process for student enrollment in special courses


Distinctive Feature

Our system outperforms competitors with its user-centric design, offering a more intuitive and streamlined UI that simplifies complex administrative tasks.

Prospective customers

Target Audience

The primary users are universities, schools, and educational institutions seeking digital solutions for efficient staff and student management.

Target Audience: Universities, Schools, and Educational Institutions
Working progress

Project Team

A dedicated team of 4 Full-stack Developers worked highly efficiently to deliver this complex system within the challenging deadline.

A dedicated team of 4 Full-stack Developers worked highly efficiently to deliver this complex system within the challenging deadline.