Transforming Energy Services for the Digital Age

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Ternopilelektropostach LLC is a trusted electricity provider serving the city of Ternopil and surrounding areas. One of the main sources of consistency and reliability is efficient electrical services. To meet modern consumer expectations, it was essential to introduce online management of electricity services and enable online payments.

In Detail


Our task was twofold: First, the clients web hosting solution was not compatible with React/Javascript frameworks, prompting our decision to integrate Gatsby. The second challenge was to streamline a comprehensive digital platform for users to manage electricity services and make payments. Moreover, we had to deal with low performance on Google search rankings compared to its competitors.

What we did?


Our focus remained on delivering a top-notch, inclusive website. By integrating an accessible interface for users with visual impairments and resolving the hosting constraints, we aimed to offer an enriched user experience without any functional trade-offs.

Our Solutions

Our web solution combines UX excellence with operational prowess. It's replete with features that support comprehensive financial management and reporting capabilities. With Gatsby, we harmonized the solution with the existing architecture and ensured that our platform resonated with a broad spectrum of users through adaptive technology.


Key Highlights:

Fast loading time across all devices and browsers.
A tailored interface for visually impaired users.
User-centric, streamlined navigation.
How we did it?

Technological Stack

By leveraging technologies such as React, Gatsby, and TypeScript, we ensured a web platform that is both adaptable and high-performing.

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Core Functionalities

Administrative Panel:

Administrative Panel:

Financial management capability.

Report Tools:

Report Tools:

Financial Metrics Insight.

Adaptive Design:

Adaptive Design:

Support for the visually impaired.

Prospective customers

Target Audience

Our platform, aimed primarily at governmental entities, embodies the virtues of security, accessibility, and efficacy, addressing the stringent requirements of these institutions.

prospective Customers
Working progress

Project Team

Our project sets itself apart from competitors by features that seamlessly integrate a call center with a CRM system. We have incorporated AI-driven functionalities to execute targeted email campaigns efficiently. Our robust integration capabilities with various social media platforms and messaging apps facilitate customer interactions.

Front-end Developers

Front-end Developers

Full-stack Developers

Full-stack Developers