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Soda Water EU

A Refreshing Approach to Eco-Friendly Hydration

Soda Water

Pure, Sparkling, Sustainable

Soda Water EU specializes in offering water carbonation devices, promoting an eco-conscious lifestyle. By providing carbonated water solutions and services, they aim to reduce plastic usage and advocate environmental care. This includes the sale and servicing of CO2 cylinders for various carbonator brands, as well as offering a range of gas cylinders.

Soda Water
In Detail


The customer required an enhancement of their online presence, focusing on functionality, user experience, and SEO performance. Key tasks involved mastering the Elementor plugin on WordPress, creating an adaptive map for various devices, and boosting SEO audit indicators significantly from 9 to 84 points as per Rank Math SEO. Additionally, there was a need to implement role-based access in the admin panel to control content editing capabilities.

What we did


Our solution was to develop a comprehensive, visually appealing, and functional website using WordPress and Elementor. The focus was to create a user-friendly interface with a robust map feature and enhanced SEO capabilities.

How we did it

Our Solution

We crafted a website that not only showcases Soda Water EU's products but also echoes their commitment to environmental sustainability.


Adaptive Map Integration:

Implemented a plugin to create a user-friendly map, adaptable across various devices, enhancing customer interaction.

Visual Appeal

Visual Appeal and Functionality:

Used Full HD images for the main page slider, bringing the site to life with a vivid and engaging display.


SEO Enhancement:

Significantly improved the site's SEO performance, ensuring better online visibility and reach.


Role-Based Admin Access:

Configured the admin panel with role-based access, allowing for controlled and secure content management.

How we did it

Technologies Deployed

The choice of WordPress and Elementor provided a flexible and powerful platform for website development, while Rank Math SEO played a crucial role in optimizing the site’s online visibility. We utilized a combination of WordPress, MySQL, and Elementor. Rank Math SEO and WP Go Maps were key in boosting SEO and integrating the map feature.

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Key Functionalities

User-Friendly Interface

User-Friendly Interface

Easy navigation with comprehensive details about products and services

Feedback Forms

Feedback Forms

Integrated forms for customer queries and contact, enhancing user engagement

Self-Editable Content

Self-Editable Content

Elementor plugin allows easy content updates by the site owner without technical help


Distinctive Feature

While similar in structure to competitors, as per the client’s request, our site stands out in its detailed and responsive design, user-friendly interface, and enhanced SEO capabilities.

Prospective customers

Target Audience

The primary audience includes health-conscious individuals, environmentally aware consumers, carbonator owners, and business partners seeking wholesale options.

Target Audience
Working progress

Project Team

This project was adeptly handled by a WordPress Developer and an SEO Specialist, dedicating around 30 hours to ensure precision and efficiency.

This project was adeptly handled by a WordPress Developer and an SEO Specialist, dedicating around 30 hours to ensure precision and efficiency.