Efficient Green Energy Management with SUNFLOWER

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SUNFLOWER emerges as a contemporary solution designed by YourITsoft to assist households in managing their contracts for purchasing electricity at the "green" tariff. This unique platform facilitates the seamless generation of monthly reports, payment documentation, and crucial registers, ensuring the efficient transfer of data to enterprise programs.

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In today's era of renewable energy, households need an impeccable system that simplifies the complexities involved in registering, accounting, and calculating transactions associated with the "green" tariff contracts. Considering the complexities of diverse electricity measurements, how can we develop a comprehensive tool that stands true to accuracy, adaptability, and efficiency?
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What we did?


We started developing SUNFLOWER to help farms and households keep track of their energy usage. Our main goal was to give users a platform that can produce detailed reports and generate payment slips, facilitating smooth monthly settlements.

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Our Solutions

Our dedicated team managed to grasp the unique challenges of the green energy sector. We focused on developing a responsive system, user-friendly interface, and accurate energy metering to meet our clients' needs effectively.

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  • User-Friendly Experience:

    An adaptive design ensures smooth navigation and operation across devices, paired with precise energy metering.

  • Accurate Tariff Calculations:

    With varying tariff structures and multiple variables in mind, we've implemented advanced algorithms for spot-on calculations.

How we did it?

Technologies Deployed

Our approach involved leveraging cutting-edge technologies to ensure SUNFLOWER adapts to the changing demands of the energy sector. Through the combined expertise of our developers, we made sure the software remains scalable, adaptable, and future-oriented.

Core Functionalities

Administrative panel imageAdministrative Calculation Panel:

We made it easy to create reports, finalize contracts, and get a clear view of all transactions.

Integrated payment system imageIntegrated Payment System:

Our streamlined system allows easy payment collection, creates payment documents, and manages registrations systematically.

Green tariff application imageGreen Tariff Application:

We developed a structured module to process and manage applications for connecting to the green tariff.

Dynamic document management imageDynamic Document Management:

Ability to formulate document templates, ensuring data retention for specified durations.

Prospective customers

Target Audience

Our focus remained on the clients and employees of the businesses we serve, ensuring the platform is intuitive for the end-users and efficient for the operators.

  • Sites Leveraging Accounting Systems

  • Green Energy Farms

  • Household Consumers

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Working Progress

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